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The Darian Calendar

The Darian Calendar is the primary means of timekeeping in the Kingdom of Belocharas. It is also used in The Twelve and by some Winterborn clans.

Despite bearing his name, the calendar was not, in fact, implemented by Daran Ravenhelm, but by his successor, Hamath the Luminous, who sought a standardized system of timekeeping throughout his burgeoning realm. Years last 360 days, split evenly into nine months of forty days apiece, ending on the Winter Solstice.



​Julian Equivalent


​The Dawning/Morning

​22 December* - 4 February


​The Abundance

​5 February** - 16 March


​Time of Solace

​17 March - 25 April


​The Song

​26 April - 4 June


​The Sun

​5 June - 14 July


​Amber Waves

​15 July - 23 August


​Eryda (earth/fire goddess)

​24 August - 2 October


​The Cloaking

​3 October - 11 November


​The Long Shadow

​12 November - 21 December

* Assumes year ends on 26 December.

** Assumes no Leap Year.


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